Sunday, April 18, 2010

What Bald Eagles and Great Egrets Eat for Lunch

Have taken a few photographs in the past week. Here are a few.

Dirty Eagle with Fish Head Lunch

Better look at Lunch.
I wonder if this is what eaglets really want to eat?

I was riding down the road when I saw a Great Egret in a small roadside ditch.  I turned around and took these photos without even getting out of the car.

Just Caught Lunch

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Eagles have a Visitor

Posting one more of the YouTubes of the Eagles. Watch closely at 4:46 for the visitor.

Still learning about editing video. I am truly a greenhorn and am learning as I go, so I hope the best is yet to come.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hd Video of Eagle on Nest

Just posting a video of one of the Eagles just sitting on the nest. This is in 1080 HD. If your Internet is as slow as mine, the best thing to do is let this play and go get something to drink or eat. When you come back it might have loaded then you can watch it. It is pretty, but the bird does not do anything.

Put it in full screen to see in HD. The thumbnail for the blog does not give you an HD option unless you go full screen.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finally broke down and joined YouTube.  It is not my favorite video site, but vimeo charges $60 bucks to upload 720p video.  Facebook converts the video to a lower resolution and restricts you too much.  Now I know how to link to a YouTube video, that is easy.  I just need to figure out how to put a link with the place to play it in my blog.  Might have to enter the player by HTML to include a view of the link on the site. I will research that later.  Well here is the video, however I link it.  Eudora 

 I have named the female Eagle Eudora.  Had to give her a name, and being located in Mississippi, Eudora seemed like a good name.  Even people in Europe would recognize the name from Eudora Welty.  Those who are knowledgeable about literature would know she lived and was born in this area.  Eudora the Eagle and her mate chose a nest site that is located within 10 miles of the  life long house of Eudora Welty, so the name is fitting.

Speaking of Eudora Welty, I did have a contact with her in the 80's that was too close for comfort.  As a youth, I had seen her shopping in the old Jitney Jungle on Fortification Street, and she seemed to be a genuinely nice lady.  One day when I was walking my dogs on State Street close to downtown in Jackson, Eudora came out of an office of a local politician running for a local race.  My dog Bandit, a black lab mix just went up to her before I could stop him and smelled her rear.  He was on a leash and not an aggressive dog so he would not be a threat to a person comfortable around dogs.  Eudora turned around ,smiled a gracious smile and just continued on her way.

This is my closest encounter to a well known person.  She is not the only well known person I have had contact with but I am sure everyone has their "I was at the convenience store and the guy in front of me with the very long beard was a member of ZZ top and I did not realize it until I found out they were in town for a show long afterwards" stories so I will not bore you with my more ordinary encounters with famous people.