Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sitting Around

I am not much at creating art.  I took a photo today of a dove landing in a dead tree through the branches of young pine trees.  This photo is one a person good with photoshop could probably make into art.  Here is my attempt at being artistic.

Update on the two love birds.  It appears that the female is now sitting on an egg or eggs.  Since Saturday she is spending a large amount of time sitting in the nest.  When she is not sitting in the nest her mate is watching the nest.  Interesting enough, I never see him sit on the eggs.  He just sits on his favorite branch above the nest.  All this week, I have not seen the birds leave the nest alone.

Going to other sites they say this would be late in the season for incubation.  The birds may be getting a late start for some reason.  Incubation is about 35 days.  If she laid eggs about Saturday the eaglets should be born right around Easter.  I am so ready to see the young, I had hoped it would be earlier.

Here is a photo of mom sitting on the nest with dad behind her sitting around and watching the bird version of TV.


George Not Hincapie said...

I'd say your recent bird photo is quite the artful capture.

Nogocyclist said...


I think the photograph is a good subject for art. My failure as an artist is epic, so I have doubts about any attempt at art I undertake.