Thursday, March 18, 2010

Today I went to therapy.  In front of the place, where mobility impaired people are dropped off, was this unique bike.

I did not get to see who was using it but I would have liked to meet him, or her.  We have very few commuter cyclist in this area so I always find it interesting to see who rides bikes for transportation around here.

On the way to a friend's house saw a dove resting on a fence.  Not the best of photographs due to not being spot on with the focus.  When trying to adjust the lighting contrast I happened on this setting.  Highlights and contrast set darker.  Made it look like a painting without using the artistic effects functions.

Most of the good photographs of the eagles I take are shot from a small blackberry brier patch in the middle of a young stand of pine trees.  Today there were three pieces of what appeared to me to be white down in the brier patch.  Because of their location and the lack of other white birds in the area, these are likely from one of the eagles.  I would love to find a tail feather from one of the eagles.  The wing feathers would be all black and it would be hard to tell it apart from many other birds like a vulture, but a tail feather would be large and white.  I am not clear about the law on eagle feathers.  I know it is against the law to possess any parts from one, but does this include feathers you find on the ground?  I left the down where it was.  If I showed it off, anyone doubting its source would just think it was goose down anyway.

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