Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Three new bird photos

Today I went to the local bird's nest and saw quite a lot of activity.  It is hard to tell if there are chicks in the nest, but I believe it is probable.  The parents are not acting like they are incubating eggs to me.  Today was in the 40F's and I would think they would sit on the eggs more if they were in the incubation stage.  One of them was doing quite a lot when it first arrived at the nest.  When it was flying up, it had something in its talons.  It looked like a snake but could have simply been a stick to add to the nest.  I took a photo of it flying up but it was bad because of the lack of light.  I had the camera set to Aperture Priority and the low speed it selected made the photo very blurry.  The first bird spent quite a bit of time down in the nest doing something, moving around quite a bit.

One of the parents is in the nest.  Look closely you can see its head.

Here everything looks nice and peaceful.

OK, Is this a squabble going on?

These photos were taken sitting in my car.  I could have gotten closer, but the closer you get the less you see because of the angle you see them from.  I also try to stay back far enough not to spook them.

There are web-cams that have been placed near Eagle's nests in other states to watch the young when they are in the nest.  Being so close to businesses, this site would make a good place for a web-cam.  You could hardwire it with a CAT5 cable if someone climbed up the tree next to this one and installed one.  It would be close enough for a Wifi connection if they wanted to use a Wifi enabled webcam.  You could not do it now but Eagle's use the same nest year after year, so it could probably be done for next year.  Maybe a wildlife agency could coordinate with one of the nearby businesses to put a solar powered wireless webcam up with the birds.  If they did the birds would probably decide to use it for a perch.
One of the parents either feeding young or else fixing the nest.

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