Saturday, March 6, 2010

Went and watched the eagles on their nest again today.  One of the birds was acting like it was feeding young ones.  It would tilt its head back and act like it was regurgitating food for its young.  Then it would repeatedly bow its head down into the nest.

I took several pictures of the eagle when it bowed down.  I was hoping to be able to see an eaglet later when I examined the photos on my computer.  I must report I found no evidence to confirm there is a chick in the nest.  This one photo shows several pine cones right near the eagle so one can compare it to the bird.  I will try to find a pine cone like one of these to measure its size.  The typical pine cone around here is 6 or so inches. 
Pine Cones close to Eagle Look Small


parrabuddy said...

Nice photos, enjoyed your commentary so put me on your mailing list please!
found you thru Fatty and suggest you take a look at my reading list there may be some links worth following. may be a resource that you may wish to follow.
best of luck with the medical system!

Nogocyclist said...

Thanks for the comment. If you were one of those people who tries to get the first comment of the day, I must say you won. First comment ever.

Found your site interesting. I have some experience with cyclist who are disabled. When I was able to cycle regularly, knew two guys who used 3 wheel hand cycles. I live close to the Natchez Trace, a national park that is a 444 mile long road limited in use. Many cyclist use this road and it is one of the places where it is low enough traffic for hand cyclist.

Every person I have known with limited mobility has a great outlook on life and are a pleasure to know.

Here the greatest needs for persons with limited mobility are access issues. My friend Norm lives close to work and often uses his power chair to go to work. What he must endure is a disgrace. He has to go about a block on a state highway without paved shoulders. I have seen him and another power chair user have to use the center turn lane on this busy 5 line state highway.

Public transportation is bad here also. The main city has buses (many not wheel chair accessible) but even these buses do not go to any suburbs. A person in my town who cannot drive is basically dependent on others. Even a capable bike rider would have a hard time commuting by bike. Many places you need to go can be a 20 mile or more round trip and on roads mostly with no bike lanes, wide shoulders, or sidewalks.